eSeth uses sustainable practices in all project cycles. Offices with better energy use using selection and disposal of recyclable waste, economy and stationery reuse of back office, special films on windows to better use of daylight x reducing heat absorption, encouraging employees to healthy habits and interaction with the environment and various socio-environmental practices.  

We encourage our customers, partners and companies about benefits of activities
physical and healthy productivity programs within companies.

Discarded electronic materials, batteries in accredited local and
use clean technologies that are produced with respect for the environment.





Social Inclusion Project, Computer Training Groups and Management courses to train people in need with a focus on inclusion in the labor market. Lectures on topics planting, gardening and incetivo to knowledge about nature. Projects with partners such as ADD and other institutions that invest in issues such as overcoming, education and support equality and welfare of society and balance of the global ecosystem.


We support: