Transform data into valuable information
BI consolidates data from various sources, with custom views that facilitate planning and better resource allocation. With him daily control of your business indicators is guaranteed because the smart tools simulate scenarios, warn of operations and endow of information to help achieve the strategic objectives.

Custom designs with BI deployment or development of systems for crossing and data extraction.

Generates new business
Create dashboards, charts, pivot (BI), spreadsheets, all integrated and may share the information or access your database.

Review, see, compare, cross data, per month, per quarter, per year, for any information on numbers, graphics, web, consolidate its subsidiaries, franchises, track your sales calls, production or given away. With trend analysis, visualize different scenarios and simulated.


Corporate performance (CPM)
Scenario analysis, KPI monitoring and collaboration.

Enables increased revenue
Business indicators in line with market practices and effective management of the sales force.
Continuously monitors the performance
Real-time through web browsers, mobile devices, and Office applications.