Integrated solutions for care, interactions and business opportunities.


  Identify and Qualify doubt consumers.
  Register and Rate contacts according to the type and department.
  Real-time interaction centrally with follow-up appointment until the resolution of the contacts.
  Each employee manages your calls or area in which it is responsible. Central view and can interact in all contacts.
  Time indicators in progress, delayed contacts, status changes and conversations that the operator had with the contact.
  Reports: historical, time to resolution, deadlines for completion, contacts by department, employee, area, subject and type.
  Questions, Complaints, requests, suggestions, new partners.
  Centralizes all contact requests sent through the site.

Centralize customer base

Registration centralized customer cloud and can be accessed easily by your staff.

Make follow-up with clients

Your team will not forget more to do follow-up with customers because receive daily warnings.

Monitor the work of your sales team

Find out what customers have been met and that each seller is negotiating with its customers.

Keep historical customer

With the historical centralized customer
and organized, it's easy to remember what
He was treated and use in future negotiations.

Analyze the performance of sellers

See what their best sellers and representatives following items as the visits, completed tasks, closed businesses and etc.

Create and control the sales funnel

Set the important steps to your business processes, monitor the evolution of the business and make projections.

Save budgets in customer historical

Files and important images can be stored in historical, centralizing customer information.

Schedule reminders for your sales team

When a meeting is scheduled, your entire team can find out through scheduled reminders for them.

Knowing the potential closing of a client

Identify the opportunities that are more for closure.