Unlike expressed platforms e-commerce market, eSeth develops robust projects focused on results and unique customizations for each type of need.

Development agreement with
objectives and customer processes.
Personalization features.
Tools and Resources
Integration with external systems,
Gateways Payment and
Security technologies.
High relevant visitation
Developed with a focus on easy
access and better positioning
in search engines.


Custom layout

Layout design developed based on customer requirements with promotional tabs, launches, highlights, navigation structure by categories and many parameterized resources according to market strategies.

Products and Applications

- Product Manager
- Featured Products
- Inventory and Sales Price
- Pricing for forms of payment
- Related to Purchase suggestion
- Request Manager
- Releases

Customer and Relationship

- Customer Registration
- Promotional banners Manager
- Discount Coupons and Promotions
- Lightning Campaigns
- CHAT online
- SAC tool
- Email Marketing


- Efficient means of payment
- Post office, Tele-delivery and other
- Software as stock and ERP
- Security Certificate

Other resources

- Organic Search
- Drag to the cart
- Optimized for SEO
- Hosting the client domain
- Product evaluation
- Products not found
- Notify me when available
- Product Questions
Average ticket
Measuring campaigns
Ranking products and customers Products purchased most popular x
Buyer Profile Shopping Trends
Rank times Google Analytics
Reports shipping schedule by email Types of Delivery
Abandoned carts Search terms