The platform of e-learning eSeth is a set of cloud solutions, available in Software as a Service - SaaS - and developed to assist the organization of content and processes aimed at corporate training the distance. The service has features such as access control per class, assessment of learning, feedback, learning path, crossing between the evaluation indicators of training, online lectures, among others.

In addition, it includes a consulting firm to assist in the organization of corporate training at bay. The eSeth Platform enables content-oriented training is organized hierarchically or freeform, creating learning routes and performance measurements.


The e-learning content are supported in SCORM standard. SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications for e-learning web-based. The standard SCORM defines communications between client side content and the side of the LMS (Learning Management System - Learning Management System, or VLE - Virtual Learning Environment).

The use of SCORM standardizes how the contents relate to the systems that support them (whether e-learning platforms and content repositories). If an organization already uses a content management platform or LMS and want to migrate to eSeth if the content is in the SCORM standard, the facility will be even greater.


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Learning Trail

It is possible to set up the training allowing the repetition of the studies, make a specific lesson or return to a preparatory activity which is the basis for progress in your training. The manager can evaluate the result of an employee individually or together with several others who are submitting to learning.

Management reports that expose the relationship between the individual results, the average results of all trainees and established learning goal.

The training process is typically divided into phases. The training should be conducted to perform steps for learning to take effect. The training manager can define the stages and the sequence with which training should be performed. Compliance with the stages can be linked to the completion of a degree of knowledge or on a learning goal.


In any training, is that integration of an employee in the company or specific development competence, to face relationship between the two characters in the training should occur. In order to facilitate personal contact, the platform includes a powerful feature video conferencing, reducing the distance between people who train and those who are trained in an e-learning model. Through video conferencing tool document sharing is possible and the display of various members participating in the videoconference.



Distribution and storage
Access to knowledge: Stores and distributes courses and other content on the Portal.
Reporting and Monitoring
Get reports from training and student access.
Perform reviews and has access to the income of each student.
After each evaluation, make sure the students have achieved the expected yield.
Invest in communication: transmit information, news, news and curiosities to users.
Intelligent deployment
The customer receives your complete Training Portal LMS and delivered in a few weeks. With expressed methodologies, the customer can choose the platform with standard or customized features according to your needs.